Bird Words by Jamie Skeie REAL BAD WORDS A PARROT SAYS


BIRD WORDS features real bad words a parrot says in real life. This parrot’s name is Orion. Orion is an African Grey Congo parrot with a big personality. Orion is a female parrot who is actually really sweet. She only says bad words when she’s making a point or a funny joke. Orion is almost 18 years old and has an amazing sense of humor. Some of her words can be offense, but so can some comedians. She’s always trying to make people feel good. Everything she says is to make you laugh and reconsider your own thoughts about animal intelligence. Orion has other books that feature her sweet side and amazing vocabulary. Orion is also featured in a popular children’s book series called, ORION THE STAR. Orion’s vocabulary was documented for one full year in IF DOGS COULD TALK and BIRD BRAINS.


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