Orion Says, “I’ve never heard of Simon Says.” Orion Says is a fun book that is also an interactive game that helps children want to look at the book while you read to them. Orion Says is a fun way to experience unforgettable moments with each other. Each page contains an action picture, that will get your kid up, moving around, dancing to a strange beat of an awesome supersized superhero parrot named, Orion. Orion is featured in Orion the Star, a children’s book series based on her. You can also read what Orion says in If Dogs Could Talk FOR KIDS and Bird Brains. Orion is a real living parrot, who lives with the author. Orion Says will help your child interact with you, and other kids, while being introduced to reading.


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You can examine my parrot’s vocabulary in one of my latest books called, Bird Brains. I’m having a free book promotion this week! I love giving away free books.

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Bird Brains is a colorful book, that showcases animal intelligence. An African Grey Congo parrot, Orion, was observed in her home for a year. All of her words were documented, and written down, word for word. The complete list of Orion’s vocabulary is available to be viewed in two other books. These books are called, If Dogs Could Talk and If Dogs Could Talk FOR KIDS. Bird Brains takes a deeper look into her thoughts, and showcases the meaning behind her words. You can study this parrot’s cognitive intelligence, by seeing her comprehend grown up things. She responds with perfect timing, when she talks. Orion was 17 years old, when her words were documented. She learns new sentences, everyday. Imagine what Orion will say over the next 40 years… Orion has her own children’s book series about her, too. The series is called, Orion the Star. The book series is about a superhero parrot, who flies from Orion’s Belt, to save all creatures in distress. Orion also has trusty sidekicks, to help her save the creatures. These superstars are named Canis Major, Canis Minor, and the Purple Purse Merman. Bird Brains will make you smile, laugh, and feel good. It’s a must-read, for everyone!